August Pickups

New to the collection this month:

Early-1990s William Cutler

Early-1990s Pacific Coast League ball.   This is a William S. Cutler Rawlings ball.  Note the black ink, there aren’t many Rawlings balls from the ’90s with black ink.  Also note “Haiti” stamped beneath the Rawlings logo, so this means this ball can be dated no later than 1990.

Mid-2000s Joe Gagliardi

Mid-2000s California League ball.  A standard Rawlings ball, prior to the change in the font used for the league stamp that occurred in the mid- to late-2000s.

Late-1990s James R. McCurdy

Late-1990s Pioneer League ball.  Note the absence of the circled-R in the Rawlings logo.  That and the light-blue stamping date this ball to the late-1990s.

1950s (?) Eastern League ball.  It’s tough to date this one with any precision.  Thomas H. Richardson was league president from 1938-1960.  It’s unknown exactly which years Wilson manufactured EL baseballs.

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