Fall at the Museum

Time for an update!  Here are the acquisitions for the Museum of Minor League Baseballs, Fall 2017.

First up we have a 2001 Southern League ball.

2001 Don Mincher

All affiliated league balls featured the MiLB 100th Anniversary logo that year.  I’ve been searching for this one (and a couple of other leagues) for, well, 16 years I guess.

Next an independent:  a 2017 United Shore Professional League ball.

2017 Andy D. Appleby

These have been hard to come by for me, so I had to settle for a game-used one.  I’m also still in search of the inaugural season balls, which feature a special Inaugural Season logo on the south panel.

In October I was able to snag a late-’40s Inter-State League ball.

Gerald P Nugent

The stamping is extremely faded, but I couldn’t pass it up.

And probably the final addition for 2017, I snagged a 1948 North Atlantic League ball in pretty great shape.

1948 Ernest C. Landgraf

This was one of the leagues that came and went with the minor league golden age, post-WWII.  It only played 5 seasons, 1946-1950.  This one is signed by the 1948 Carbondale Pioneers, a Phillies farm team, who won that year’s league championship by sweeping a four-game series versus the Peekskill Highlanders (a St. Louis Browns affiliate in 1948).