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One of the functions of a collector, whether that is his aim or not, is to serve as an historian. After all, the ultimate goal of a collector is to own the whole set, so one first has to know what comprises that set. That involves research to one degree or another into the history of the collectible, and learning exactly where each individual piece of the collection belongs within the whole. The collector eventually becomes an expert, earning a virtual degree through curiosity, diligence, and love. Of course, not the least result of this research is knowing how much the collection is worth!

This is a stockpile of information gathered in 25+ years of collecting.   League presidents and/or commissioners (whomever’s stamp is on the official ball), defunct leagues, and tips on how to determine the authenticity and age of your baseball as closely as possible.

How to Date Minor League Baseballs

Care and Storage


Master List of Minor League Commemoratives  Updated for 2017

Minor League Post-Season Series  – This link downloads a spreadsheet


Other Useful Links

There are lots of clues to help you date your baseballs, but it remains an inexact science.  As with everything else in life, it’s all about the details.  I hope this information has been useful.  If you see anything amiss or have anything to add please let me know.

-Tony Baseballs