American Association

The American Association was founded in 1902 as an independent league, then was established as a Class A minor league with the formation of the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues (today known as Minor League Baseball, or MiLB).

The league became Class AAA in 1946, was inactive from 1962 – 1969, and then was one of three Triple-A leagues until its teams were folded into the Pacific Coast and International Leagues in 1998.

The ‘American Association’ name was resurrected as an independent league by noted minor league executive Miles Wolff in 2006.  You can see those baseballs here.

George Trautman 1936 – 1945

Frank C. Lane 1947-1948

Bruce Dudley 1949-1953

Edward S. Doherty 1953-1960

James Burris 1961-1962

Allie Reynolds 1969-1971

Joe Ryan 1972-1987

Kenneth Grandquist 1988

Randy Mobley 1990-1991

Branch B. Rickey 1992-1997