Pacific Coast League

The PCL (Class AAA) is one of the oldest and strongest minor league circuits.  Established as an independent in 1903, the league joined up with affiliated baseball in 1904.

Unique to the PCL was a classification of “Open”, an experiment conducted from 1952-57 to establish a minor league tier above Triple-A.  The thought was that the PCL would become a third major league.

W.C. Tuttle 1936-1943

Clarence H. Rowland 1944-1954

Leslie O’Connor 1956-1959

Dewey Soriano 1960-1968

William B. McKechnie, Jr. 1968-1973

Roy Jackson 1974-1978

William S. Cutler 1979-1997

Branch B. Rickey III, 1998 –